Nflthread.net Membership Agreement

(revised) December 2017

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of nflthread.net.

THREAD is a free – private – secure social hub for NFL current and former wives, spouses, NFL mothers and NFL daughters of former and current NFL players and NFL coaches.

The NFL THREAD platform offers a much needed tool to search for NFL women by team, city, roster, name, position, profession, interest and to connect directly and privately. THREAD also acts as an excellent recruitment tool to attract new members to existing NFL affiliates, groups, organizations, programs and resources. With personal profile pages, the ability to post, blog, email, direct message and live chat, THREAD is an excellent private resource for promoting individual business, building personal brand, social connection, and exposure to resources that are designed to empower league women.

In order to keep nflthread.net exclusive and private to vetted NFL women, we ask that you complete this registration form and agree to the terms listed below. Once your membership has been approved you will be emailed a confirmation link that allows initial access to the platform.

Member Validity
You confirm that in seeking membership to THREAD you confirm that your identity is true and accurate and that you are legitimate member of the NFL community in one of the following capacities: Former or current NFL wife to a former or current NFL player or NFL coach, former or current NFL legal life partner to a former or current NFL player or NFL coach, mother to a former or current NFL player or NFL coach, daughter to a former or current NFL player or NFL coach.

Member Rules
NFL THREAD rules are created to protect the privacy, exclusivity and peace of mind that comes in knowing that shared information remains. private, protected and respected. Rules are created to insure that THREAD remains a platform for individual growth and good fellowship within the NFL family.

Information, posts, dialogue, videos, photos, uploads, documents, forms, links, etc. shared by THREAD members will not be shared, copied, forwarded, discussed or viewed by any individuals outside of the NFL Thread membership platform (non-members).

No personal information including email addresses, mailing addresses, phone numbers, names, personal information, etc. will be shared or revealed outside of the NFL Thread platform. There will be no solicitation of names or personal information for commercial purposes. Contents of emails, posts, messages, comments will remain private and  confidential. No information on nflthread.net will be shared or sold. Individuals who breach this privacy will be removed from the platform. Members are able to flag content and/or file complaint to info@nflthread.net.
Reason for Thread Platform removal include: revealing or sharing personal information shared to nflthrea.net, revealing or sharing private information outside of the platform that could reveal a Thread member and third private story to the public sector, sharing contact information, posts or content shared by any THREAD member on nflthread.net without consent of the author.

Utilization of the Platform
As a member of nflthread.net you agree to utilize THREAD as a respectful, positive tool to promote your own business, initiatives, platform, brand, agenda. Your purpose in connecting with other NFL women will be to promote your own while uplifting others. You will never utilize THREAD to hurt, bully, humiliate, mock, threaten or stifle other members. You will not use THREAD to carry out a personal agenda that could afflict pain or anguish on another member or any human. Such negative behavior will result in removal from the platform. If a THREAD member falls victim to threats or destructive behavior they are encouraged to flag the content and/or email info@nflthread.net.

There will be no discrimination against race, nationality, religious belief, marital status, career status,  health, criminal record,  age, physical features, political beliefs or activity, gender, gender choice, sexuality, life choice, etc. Threatening behavior and/or bullying will not be tolerated. Such behavior will result in removal from the platform. Members who feel threatened, discriminated against or bullied are encourage to flag content and e-mail complaint to info@nflthread.net.
Posting content with the intent to hurt, embarrass, humiliate, cause fear or pain to another member or any human will result in removal from the platform. Instances of behavior should be flagged and reported to info@nflthread.net.

Nflthread.net will remove objectionable material as soon as it is discovered by administrator or brought to administrator’s attention. All posts reflect the opinion of the author and not nflthred.net. Authors takes full responsibility for the content they post on nflthread.net and are also responsible for financing any legal action filed against them as a consequence of their actions.
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